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Why SchoBeer™?

Alcohol-Free (NA) beers don’t get a very good rap. Nope, they’re pretty much the forgotten little sister of other beers. But, that is going to change. Until now, most alcohol free (NA) beers are available in either the poor watered down versions, or the haughty, premium, overpriced, Craft variety.

What if there was a smooth and refreshing, pleasant “everyday” alcohol free brew that was both affordable and enjoyable? That’s SchoBeer™.

The Mainstream Beer Market.

A big misunderstanding with NA beers is that it’s only for beer drinkers who should avoid alcohol. While SchoBeer™ is perfect for those consumers, it’s also an excellent choice for the mainstream beer drinker, as well.

A business lunch. Sporting event. After a workout. Even, while woodworking with sharp blades! ANY time you want a fresh, energizing beer without being impaired, SchoBeer™ is your answer.

Did I Say- “Energizing?”

Yep. Not only is SchoBeer™ an authentic tasting, smooth, everyday beer, it also includes a hint of caffeine. That’s right! SchoBeer™ is the only alcohol free, non-filling brew that is also slightly caffeinated. Perfect for the everyday athlete, and a better alternative to coffee when it’s time to slow down after a long night out.


The little sister grew up and is now a gorgeous babe. SchoBeer™ is going to be refreshing, light and smooth. Alcohol free and with a touch of caffeine. And, it’s also going to be cool. The SchoBeer™ brand is going to exemplify the image of hip. From its healthy benefits and smooth taste, down to its retro packaging, marketing, image and message.

SchoBeer,™ a smooth tasting, refreshing, everyday brew, and a brand new image for alcohol free beers.

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